October 10, 2020 - Biden Campaign Ad Touts Endorsements from Black Women and Men Big-City Mayors

In a new Biden-Harris campaign ad titled “Mayors,” Black mayors of major U.S. cities appeal directly to Black women and Black men voters to vote for Biden and Harris. The ad starts with Black women mayors noting, “Black women have always been on the frontlines for social justice. It’s what we do.” They explain, “We stand up to systemic racism,” and detail the role that Black women have played in making change. They urge, “Black women, let’s vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris,” and turn it over to the Black men mayors with, “Your turn, fellas.” The Black men mayors appeal directly to Black men voters: “Fellas, brothers, we’ve heard our sisters, our mothers, our wives, and daughters cry out for equality all across this country. And now it’s our turn, our responsibility to take our power back. Black women vote more than Black men and it’s time we change that.” Like the women, they urge Black men to cast their ballots for Biden and Harris.