January 2, 2020 - Biden Talks Sexism at Iowa Town Hall

Asked at an Iowa town hall to compare his campaign to Clinton’s 2016 bid for the presidency, Biden outlines multiple reasons why he believes Clinton was unsuccessful. Among them, he says that Clinton was the victim of “unfair” sexist attacks. Referencing his gender privilege, he adds, “That’s not going to happen with me.” In response to backlash claiming that Biden’s comments play into claims that women are less electable, Biden’s campaign responds, “He was responding to a direct, specific question about the last election and emphasizing that Secretary Clinton faced egregiously unfair attacks and media coverage that in many ways resulted from gender bias,” adding, “He was pointing out the urgent need to change the culture in this country — which has only been worsened by Donald Trump’s poisonous sexism.” However, whether intentionally or not, Biden’s comment points to his male privilege as part of his case for why he was better positioned to win the presidency than Clinton was in 2016 or other women are in 2020.