January 14, 2020 - Democratic Candidates Pushed to Explain Plans for Providing Affordable Child Care

At the seventh Democratic presidential debate, moderator Brianne Pfannenstiel asks multiple candidates to clarify their plans for providing affordable child and infant care to all Americans. Buttigieg, Warren, Sanders, and Biden all respond, noting the importance of these policies for economic opportunity and prosperity. As she has done on the campaign trail, Warren shares her own story of relying on her Aunt Bee to help care for her young children, explaining, “If I hadn’t been saved by my Aunt Bee — I was ready to quit my job. And I think about how many women of my generation just got knocked off the track and never got back on, how many of my daughter’s generation get knocked off the track and don’t get back on, how many mamas and daddies today are getting knocked off the track and never get back on.” Biden also shares his own story of being a single father and new U.S. senator after the death of his wife and daughter: “I commuted every single solitary day to Wilmington, Delaware…because I could not afford, but for my family, child care. It was beyond my reach to be able to do it.”