November 8, 2020 - Election Surveys Prove Women’s Support Pivotal to Biden’s Success

CAWP’s analysis of multiple election surveys, including the Edison exit poll, shows that Black women proved to be the most reliable base of voters for the Biden-Harris ticket, with about nine in ten Black women casting ballots for the Democrats. Consistent with previous presidential elections, Black women’s support for the Democratic ticket was greater than the support of any other groups of women voters. Their support for Biden was also greater than Black men, though the large majority of Black men also voted for the Democratic ticket. Latinas’ support for the Democratic presidential candidate was greater than the support of Latino men, though the preponderance of Latino men also supported the Democratic ticket. White women overall continued to support Trump over Biden in nearly all 2020 election surveys, though college-educated white women further cemented their shift to Democratic support since the 2016 presidential election. Trump’s success in winning the plurality of white women’s votes again in 2020 can be credited largely to his support among clear majorities of non-college-educated white women; non-college-educated white men remained even more likely than their women counterparts to back the Trump-Pence ticket. Data provided by the U.S. Census in 2021 shows that women voters also continued to outnumber and outvote men in the 2020 presidential election, with women turning out at higher rates than their male counterparts among Asian/Pacific Islander, Black, Hispanic, and white voters.