August 28, 2019 - Gillibrand Drops Out of Race

Gillibrand announces her departure from the presidential primary race. In a video posted to her social media accounts, Gillibrand explains, “It’s important to know when it’s not your time” and vows to unite with Democrats to beat Trump. Referencing her “woman-plus” strategy, she says, “We have taken on the fights others wouldn’t. We’ve led the fights that we can’t afford to lose for women and families — and moved the entire field along with us. …We have put the civil rights of women front and center, and never backed down when it comes to valuing them.” She also includes a clip from when she spoke on the campaign trail about white privilege. In reference to the mission ahead, Gillibrand calls for electing women “up and down the ballot.” Multiple media outlets, including The New York Times and Politico, publish post-mortems on the Gillibrand campaign.