October 15, 2019 - Harris Leverages Identities as Value-Added

In her closing remarks at the fourth Democratic presidential debate, Harris describes her familial roots and diverse identities to make the case that she is best fit to both understand what is at stake and unify the country. In her comments, she also counters doubts that she can be elected by reminding voters of the offices she has already won. She explains, “My mother convinced us that we could do anything. And so I became the first woman attorney general of California, the second Black woman elected to the United States Senate, and I will tell you, that’s part of why I’m running, because Donald Trump, if he had his way, my story would not be possible. And I am running to make sure that that dream, the American dream, American values, American ideas will always hold true. And so that’s what is at stake in this election. And I believe I am uniquely able to see the commonalities among us and to speak the story of the American dream and the need to reclaim it.”