November 20, 2019 - Harris Says Not to Take Black Voters for Granted

Asked in the fifth Democratic presidential debate about her criticism of Buttigieg’s outreach to Black voters, Harris addresses, “the larger issue is that for too long I think candidates have taken for granted constituencies that have been the backbone of the Democratic Party,” specifically Black voters. She goes on to specify the importance of Black women voters: “There are plenty of people who applauded Black women for the success of the 2018 election, applauded Black women for the election of a senator from Alabama. But, you know, at some point, folks get tired of just saying, oh, you know, thank me for showing up and — and say, well, show up for me. Because when black women are three to four times more likely to die in connection with childbirth in America, when the sons of black women will die because of gun violence more than any other cause of death, when black women make 61 cents on the dollar as compared to all women, who tragically make 80 cents on the dollar, the question has to be, where you been? And what are you going to do? And do you understand who the people are?” She concludes, “And I’m running for president because I believe that we have to have leadership in this country who has worked with and have the experience of working with all folks. …And that means about women, that’s people of color, that’s our LGBTQ community, that’s working people, that’s our labor unions. But that is how we are going to win this election, and I intend to win.”