November 10, 2019 - Klobuchar Says Women are Held to Higher Standards

In an interview on CNN’s State of the Union, Klobuchar is asked about comments she made to contrast her record of winning against a sparser record of success for Buttigieg. She explains that while she does believe Buttigieg is qualified, she is the better candidate. She adds, “The last point I made in that article was that, of the women on the stage – I’m focusing here on my fellow women senators, Senator Harris, Senator Warren and myself – do I think that we would be standing on that stage if we had the experience that he had? No, I don’t. Maybe we’re held to a different standard.” Journalist Emma Goldberg revisits this issue a January 2020 article titled “Would a 37-Year-Old Woman Be Where Pete Buttigieg Is?” after Buttigieg’s success in Iowa and New Hampshire, by speaking with 37-year-old women politicians across the country about their perceptions of gender differences in political opportunity.