November 27, 2019 - MSNBC Commentator Calls Warren Unlikable and Unelectable

On MSNBC’s”Morning Joe,” contributor Donny Deutsch says of Warren: “I think she would get trounced in a landslide by Trump. I think people are sensing that. I also think she has a likability issue. I think her kind of high-school principal demeanor — this is not a gender thing, this is just kind of tone and manner thing. I think the American public, the more they see, the more they’re going: hmm… this is not the answer.” Despite his argument that this is “not a gender thing,” research demonstrates that likability plays out differently for women than men and perceptions that women in positions of authority – much like a high-school principal – are perceived more negatively than men who embrace the same demeanor. This is not the first time that Deutsch has attacked Warren as both unlikable and unelectable, with very little evidence to back his claims.