February 19, 2020 - MSNBC Host Chris Matthews Questions if/why Bloomberg’s behavior is Disqualifying

In an interview after the ninth Democratic presidential debate, MSNBC host Chris Matthews responds to Warren’s criticism of Bloomberg’s record with women and gender equality by asking if this is disqualifying for him as a presidential candidate. Warren responds: “Yes. I think it is disqualifying. How can we say we want to trade our arrogant billionaire for your arrogant billionaire, especially when this is a man who has treated women so badly.” She adds, “Can we please keep in mind how important women — we have FINALLY been acknowledged to be important in electing our candidates?” Warren’s response is reflective of her desire to see the standards by which we deem a person presidential raised so that disrespect and abuse of women is no longer tolerated, as it has been for all of U.S. history. The fact that Matthews even asks the question shows that there is still work to do to alter those standards.