October 7, 2020 - Pence Defends Trump Against Claims He’s Associated with Neo-Nazis, Noting He Has Jewish Grandchildren

During the vice presidential debate, Pence pushes back against claims that Trump aligns with white supremacists. He explains: “Senator Harris conveniently omitted, after the President made comments about people on either side of the debate over monuments, he condemned the KKK, neo-Nazis and white supremacists and has done so repeatedly.” Pence adds: “Your concern that he doesn’t condemn neo-Nazis – President Trump has Jewish grandchildren. His daughter and son-in-law are Jewish. This is a president who respects and cherishes all of the American people.” Pence goes on to criticize Harris’s own record as a District Attorney and Attorney General, arguing that she was responsible for a disproportionate level of prosecutions of African Americans.