November 8, 2019 - Warren Calls Out “Angry” Criticism as Sexist

In a fundraising email to her supporters, Warren addresses comments made by both Biden and Buttigieg that implied she was too angry or stubborn. Biden, referring to an attack made by Warren against him but not referring to her by name, wrote, “But at another level these kinds of attacks are a serious problem. They reflect an angry unyielding viewpoint that has crept into our politics. If someone doesn’t agree with you — it’s not just that you disagree — that person must be a coward or corrupt or a small thinker.” He also called it an elitist and “condescending” point of view. Earlier, Buttigieg criticized Warren’s “my way or the highway approach” and suggested recently she is “so absorbed in the fighting that it is as though fighting were the purpose.” In response, Warren writes, “Over and over, we are told that women are not allowed to be angry. It makes us unattractive to powerful men who want us to be quiet.” The subject line reads,”I am angry and I own it.”