February 25, 2020 - Warren Continues Attack on Bloomberg in Tenth Debate, Bloomberg Says “With this Senator, Enough is never Enough”

Asked at the tenth Democratic presidential debate to explain why she views Bloomberg as a risky candidate, Warren continues to compare Bloomberg to Trump and follows up on her attacks over his treatment of women and unwillingness to release women from NDAs through his company Bloomberg LP, this time referring to a specific report that Bloomberg joked to a pregnant employee that she should “kill it” (Warren is asked what evidence she has that this comment was made and she says, “Her own words”). Bloomberg responds, “I never said that” and goes on to say of the inappropriate jokes reported in media, “I don’t remember what they were. So I assume — if it bothered them, I was wrong, and I apologize. I’m sorry for that. But what happened here is we went back 40 years and we could only find three cases where women said they were uncomfortable. Nobody accused me of doing anything other than just making a comment or two.” When Warren persists with a call for Bloomberg to release women from the NDAs, he quips, “The trouble is with this senator, enough is never enough,” harkening back to Senator Mitch McConnell’s comments about Warren’s persistence (which she has leveraged as part of her campaign).