January 7, 2020 - Warren Explains Wardrobe Approach in Vogue Interview

In an interview with Vogue, Warren explains her approach to choosing what to wear. She explains, “I want to look nice, and I want to spend no time getting dressed. When I first ran for public office, I decided I needed a little color, but I wasn’t willing to invest the time in figuring out scarves and skirts and all of that, so I stuck to the black shoes, pants, and top and figured I could put a colored blazer with that.” Warren’s approach not only minimizes the time she must spend on choosing her daily attire, but also levels the field with her male counterparts, who frequently choose a standard suit with a different color shirt or tie. Creating a “uniform” like this is also a recommendation from some campaign strategists, especially those who work with women, to avoid attention to appearance over substance.