February 22, 2020 - Warren Gives Advice to Young Women Facing Sexism

The first question asked at a Seattle campaign event for Warren is what her advice would be to young women fighting sexism in high school and college communities. Warren responds, “To persist,” recalling a theme of her campaign. At the same event, Warren addresses a recurring question about facing sexism as a candidate for president. Similar to her response at the recent CNN Town Hall, she explains: “I get asked this question over and over, about, you know, do you think you face sexism in running for president? And, you know, there are only two answers and they’re both bad. The first one is, ‘Uh, yeah,’ in which case everybody says, ‘Oh, whiner!’ And the second is to say, ‘Oh, no,’ in which case, at least every other woman looks at you and thinks, ‘What planet is she living on?'”