November 21, 2019 - Warren Gives Speech Focused on Black Women, Faces Protest from Black Women

At Clark Atlanta University, Warren delivers a speech highlighting the history of Black women’s movements and the legacy of Black women activists from the 19th century to present. In the speech, Warren makes explicit the connection between racial and economic justice, emphasizing how her economic agenda is inseparable from an agenda that recognizes and addresses racial inequity. Warren notes, “I’ve been called persistent in my time — and I love it. But understand this: The persistence of generations of Black women, and Black people in America, up to and including many people in this crowd tonight, is the true story of American persistence.” Before the speech begins, however, Warren is interrupted by Black activists who disagree with Warren’s opposition to charter schools. Warren is helped by campaign surrogate and U.S. Representative Ayanna Pressley in addressing the activists. Pressley joins Warren at the podium and tells the protestors: “We are grateful for your activism and your voice and you are welcome here. But when these women have been ignored this long, this is their moment, and we are going to hear the story.” Warren later met with the activists who had disrupted her speech.