January 24, 2020 - Warren Pinky Promises Display Value of Symbolic Representation

In the final weeks of campaigning before the Iowa caucuses, Warren’s campaign shares a video outlining her frequent interactions with young girls. Upon meeting them, she introduces herself by saying, “My name is Elizabeth and I’m running for president, because that’s what girls do.” She then asks the girls to pinky promise that they will remember that this is what girls do. On her social media, Warren explains, “I want every little girl to grow up knowing that when they fight from the heart, they can win—and we pinky promise so they won’t forget.” Warren began making these pinky promises in her first political campaign for the U.S. Senate and has made countless pinky promises on the 2020 campaign trail. In doing so, she embraces her gender as a source of strength, emphasizes and displays the importance of gender representation, and seeks to encourage another generation of women leaders.