October 15, 2019 - Warren Profile Tells Story of Confronting an Abuser at his Funeral

The Washington Post profiles Elizabeth Warren, with attention to the time she spent in Houston, Texas. Beyond its overview of Warren’s second marriage and teaching, it tells the story of how Warren was harassed by a fellow law school professor, which she shared at his September 1997 funeral. Holly Bailey writes, “With a smile on her face and humor in her voice, Warren described how Smith had invited her to his office one day just a few months after she had been hired. He shut the door and lunged for her, she said, and as she protested, he chased her around his desk before she was able to escape out the door. …Warren said nothing until she returned to UH to eulogize a man who had been both a promoter and tormentor, a man who, as she put it in an interview, ‘no longer had any power over me.’ At Smith’s funeral, Warren told the story in an entertaining way. Two decades later, she would recount it again in a 2017 interview on ‘Meet the Press,’ presenting it as her own sobering #MeToo experience with sexual harassment.”