February 24, 2020 - Warren Surrogates Defend Anger, Tout Electability

At a “Women for Warren” campaign event in South Carolina, campaign co-chair and U.S. Representative Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) defends Warren against attacks that she is too angry and, more specifically, that Warren was too aggressive against Bloomberg in the previous debate. Pressley says, “She is a fighter. When she was on that debate stage fighting, I didn’t see her attacking anyone. She was holding people accountable. In that moment, as a survivor of sexual violence, I thank her for defending survivor’s justice.” The next day, before another Democratic debate, Warren tweets out a clip of her talking about her righteous anger with the message: “Powerful people want everyone else with less power to be quiet. So yeah, I am angry — and I own it. I plan to use that anger to fight against systemic injustices and put power in the hands of the people.” At the SC “Women for Warren” event, another campaign surrogate, activist Alicia Garza, tells the crowd, “I can’t help but be angry every single time I hear a woman is not electable…How much more capable can someone be?”