February 19, 2020 - Warren Take-Down of Bloomberg Includes Attack of His Gender and Race Record

In the ninth Democratic presidential debate, Warren quickly targets Bloomberg, who is participating in his first debate of the 2020 cycle. Within the first few minutes of the debate, Warren argues: “I’d like to talk about who we’re running against, a billionaire who calls women ‘fat broads’ and ‘horse-faced lesbians.’ And, no, I’m not talking about Donald Trump. I’m talking about Mayor Bloomberg.” She adds, “Democrats are not going to win if we have a nominee who has a history of hiding his tax returns, of harassing women, and of supporting racist policies like redlining and stop and frisk.” After Bloomberg tries to explain why women who worked for him remain bound by non-disclosure agreements, Warren says, “I hope you heard what his defense was. ‘I’ve been nice to some women.’ That just doesn’t cut it. Warren presses Bloomberg directly, “So, Mr. Mayor, are you willing to release all of those women from those non-disclosure agreements, so we can hear their side of the story?”  Bloomberg stumbles as she continues, again comparing the “drip, drip” of harassment claims against Bloomberg to the allegations against the current president.