January 31, 2020 - Warren’s Closing Message in Iowa Focuses on Electability

In the lead-up to the Iowa caucuses, The New York Times observes the shift in Warren’s strategy and messaging from a focus on “her [policy] plans to her plan to win.” The campaign launched a “Win With Warren” slogan, integrated a “women win” section to her stump speech and social media, and is concluding the Iowa campaign with multiple ads focused on Warren’s capacity to win in November: “Great for America,” “Best Leader for These Times,” “She Can Win,” and “Courage to Unite.” In “She Can Win,” an older white man says, ““To people who say that a woman can’t win, I say ‘Nonsense.’ I believe a woman can beat Trump and I believe Elizabeth is that woman.” The need for Warren to emphasize her electability over policy agendas reflects the “campaign of belief” that is required of women and candidates of color whose electability – especially at the presidential level – is still doubted.