May 5, 2019 - Women Candidates Confront Electability Questions

The New York Times reviews the experiences of women presidential candidates being asked – more than their male counterparts – about their ability to win the presidential contest. In response to electability concerns, multiple women emphasize their own records of electoral success in spite of doubts. Journalists Astead Herndon and Lisa Lerer explain: “As they now campaign for president, they are encountering some of the same misogyny that Mrs. Clinton faced when she ran in 2016. They are running up against assumptions voters and pundits have about what presidential leadership looks like, battling a presidential archetype where men are the only touchstones.” When asked by the Times if she believed her candidacy was being hampered by gendered notions of “electability,” Warren responds, “I can’t talk about everything in this race. I can just tell you what I’ve done and what I plan on doing.” Later in the primary campaign, Warren much more overtly combats electability concerns, demonstrating the role they play in the primary election.