February 6, 2020 - Women of Color Staffers Depart Warren’s Nevada Campaign Team

Politico reports that 12 women of color left the Warren campaign in Nevada due to frustration with what they report as a toxic work environment in which minorities felt tokenized and marginalized. Upon hearing about their departure, Warren tells reporters that she believes the women “unequivocally” and apologizes to them personally. She elaborates, “It’s important to me to try to build an organization that is diverse and inclusive and open and lets everyone bring their whole self to work everyday. But I recognize that the legacy of racism and oppression pervade everything that we do in this country. And so for me this is about taking personal responsibility which I do and being determined that we will have accountability in this organization and keep doing better everyday.” Just over a week before this report, The New York Times published an article exposing racial division and discontent among staffers on the Buttigieg presidential campaign. The Buttigieg campaign went on to post a lengthy explanation of its diversity efforts online.